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Internet sales are changing so fast, something printed today is likely not current one month later, we set you up on the right path. As things change on the internet, we keep you on target. Don’t blink



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Evolution of sales on Amazon


  • 2018-future

    Amazon Teams @ Direct Import

    The next logical step in the Amazon process is importing products direct from manufacturing and shipping to the Amazon distribution center. Building product volume to make logistical sense to make full container shipments a reality. We took our first trip with Amazon to China in 2017 and work to achieve our goals of 51% of items to be direct import.

  • 2006 - Present

    Amazon Team @ Sports/Outdoors

    Amazon puts a push to add sporting goods brands to expand the category, buyers are looking for brands that can see the future of selling by featuring their products online. Our first brands in this category were , Body GloveWetsuits, Sea doo Sea Scooters, and Krown Skateboards

  • 2005-Present

    Amazon Team @ Lawn/Garden PRIME

    Amazon really starts to add vendors the Lawn/Garden category, adding categories like outdoor cooking and some hardware. Many brands were not sure they wanted to be sold on this bookselling website, PRIME was started and shipping would never be the same. Our first brand in this category was Camp Chef Stoves


  • New Features

    A+ EMC Pages

    Everything starts with the customer finding your product on Amazon. A+ pages give your product the enhanced content customers need to put your product in the cart. Customers want to see every angle of your product and additional lifestyle photos not to mention added search terms for customers who have never met your brand.

  • Pro Strategy

    Optimized Product information

    Leave the Amazon new item setups to us! Inreps can help you optimize page layouts, search terms, mobile optimization, page analysis and much more. If you need help with content, photos, videos, PR, and Social Media we have partners to help.

  • Advertising and AMS

    Keeping pace with Advertising

    For Amazon vendors, reaching new customers and increasing product revenue just got a whole lot easier. With Amazon Marketing Services, you can: • Target ads by shopper search keywords or products • Build ads quickly and easily—no design or technical expertise needed • Pay only when shoppers click your ad • Optimize performance with detailed sales reports

Our passion - Our Vision

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Amazon Evolution
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Are you looking for Amazon Sales Reps?

GET STARTED! on the internet or rebuild your internet sales on a solid foundation.

Retail sales are growing very fast on the internet, are you on the right path?

Double digit growth is common for many internet retailers.   The top 100 internet retailers account for almost 67% of all internet sales.

The largest internet retailer is Amazon.com and can be a great sales tool not only for the internet, but in conjunction with your existing "brick and mortar" dealers.

Internet sales are done by Manufacturers Reps, Brokers, and Sales Reps it is called many different things, contact us!  We can give you the right tools to make your internet decisions.

Our services are based solely upon performance, you pay us based on sales you do with the top internet retailers, We only get paid when you make online sales.

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Your success is our passion, we only make money when your product sells.

Page Enhancements

Last years pages are no longer good enough, keeping pace with page enhancement technology.

SEO Search

Helping people who have never heard of your brand find your product through the Amazon search system.


Amazon makes platform changes every month, let Inreps help you keep up!

Photo Analysis

Finding photos that really show your products.

User Experience

Both Amazon and Inreps focus on one thing, what is the best user experience to buy the product. Find it with Inreps.


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Are you looking for Amazon Sales Reps? GET STARTED! on the internet or rebuild your internet sales on a solid foundation. ...



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